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Scooby-Doo: The Weird Werewolves of the Wild Woods


Scooby-Doo and friends are driving through the mountains on their way back to Crystal Cove when they hear stories of a local family who have reported that the woods around their log cabin are haunted. The police haven't taken any interest, so this sounds like the perfect job for Mystery Inc to clear up. Without wasting any time they travel to the cabin where Grandma Culpepper and her boys meet them, and they set up camp to investigate overnight.

This is the narrative of a game of 7TV2, using theMystery Inc. programme guide, played with the basic rules but using Profile Cards for some models, the Countdown Deck and Gear cards from the 7TV2:Apocalypse set. We felt the tone of these, and the style of the gadgets, worked better for the cartoon horror style of the game.

Grandma tells our heroes the over last few months the evil spirits of the wood seem to have taken a dislike to the hillbillies, and made things uncomfortable for them. There have been lots of strange sightings and mysterious goings on after dark, and as recent as last month their nearest neighbours were so scared they've abandoned their property and moved out wholesale. Grandma reported this to the police, but they just said there was nothing they could do. So knowing that Mystery Inc take such things seriously she is very hopeful that they can help.

Grandma feels that if the mystery is not solved soon she may be forced into a decision she does not want to make. People are always interested in buying the Culpepper place and she was made another offer (though not a high one) one month ago. If they don't find a solution to the problem, the hillbillies feel they may have no choice but to sell their land and go elsewhere.


The game was played on a 4 x 3 table with a central log cabin and campsite within a clearing, surrounded on all sides by woodland. Mystery Inc. were the defenders and their models were placed first, with Mystery Inc. in the camp and the Culpeppers in the cabin, and the Mystery Machine parked close by. The Things that Go Bump in the Night then placed their models touching any table edge, and placed five objectives no closer than 6" from the table edge. In this game, only Mystery Inc. could claim objectives (which were principally there for narrative purposes).

The table set-up
The colours of the forest change from moment to moment as the light finds its way through the dense woodland into small open glades. Standing and fallen trees make the forest impenetrable in places and difficult to find a path through.

Or: the lighting was terrible because of the table position next to the window and very poor internal lights. The fallen trees in the forest were because the terrain didn't travel very well in the back of the car. And you'll just have to use your imagination about the density of the woods, as we only had so many trees. The area outside the circle of trees is taken to be reasonably dense woodland.

Mystery Inc.'s object was to find the clues and make sense of them, and solve the mystery; the Things would aim to scare them all off, or capture them (as this is a children's show, eliminated models are considered scared off or captured, of course).


Mystery Inc.
Fred (co-star, 5)
Daphne (co-star, 4)
Velma (co-star, 4)
Shaggy (co-star, 4)
Scooby Doo (co-star, 4)
Scrappy Doo (co-star, 4)
Grandma Culpepper (Extra 2)
The Culpepper Hillbillies (6 x Extras 3pts/2)
The Mystery Machine (vehicle, 4)

35pts, generating 10 plot pts

The Things that Go Bump in the Night
The Ghost of the Woods - Mysterious Monster (Guest Co-Star, 5)
2 x Ghosts - Spectres (Extras, 3 each)
2 x Spectres (Extras, 3 each)
Alpha Werewolf - Beastman Elder (Extra, 3)
7 Werewolves - Beastman (Extras, 2 each)
Victim Zero (Extra, 2)

36pts, generating 7 plot pts

Scrappy Doo's profile was created from Scooby's, altering a couple of stats and replacing his Special Effects with Small, Puppy Power, and Puppy Pest. You can download his profile card from the image above or, if you prefer, from this link to the .yaml file for use with Jorge's fantastic 7TV2 card generator.

Lycanthrope Victim Zero is a modified Patient Zero (from the Apocalypse set), but for someone infected with a werewolf bite. Which is obviously something psychosomatic when the werewolves are really people dressed in rubber suits, of course. Yaml file here.


2 points if opponent's cast is axed, or 3 points if opponent's cast has no models left on table
3 per star eliminated
2 per co-star eliminated
1 per extra eliminated
1 per objective token claimed and explained appropriately as a clue (Mystery Inc only)


Our heroes set up camp outside the Culpepper's log cabin
Crickets chirp in the undergrowth as the last rays of the sun disappear behind the tops of the trees that surround the cabin and campsite. Velma, Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy sit around the campfire enjoying the evening's peace and quiet. Or do their best to enjoy it, while trying as hard as possible to shut out Scrappy's inane chatter to himself. 
"A talking dog is all very well," says Velma. "But why does it need to talk so much?"
"Like, and about so little," Shaggy acknowledges. "And with such an annoying accent too. At least Scooby has the decency to have a speech impediment that makes him sound like I imagine a talking dog should."
Scooby-Doo ignores them all, snoring lightly, dreaming of the next meal.

Behind them, Daphne and Fred emerge from one of the tents. 
"Er.. Yes, Fred, you've done a very good job setting up the tent," Daphne says, thinking quickly and trying not to look at Fred, while smoothing her clothing straight.
"Er.. What's up, gang?" asks Fred, trying to look innocent.

Werewolves gather inside the woods
In the distance, eyes are watching from the woods. A pack of werewolves is assembling, planning its next move. Unfortunately they have become separated while trying to find their way through the undergrowth, and they need to take a few moments to get their act together. The alpha wolf growls discontentedly. What part of Pack Mentality didn't they understand?

Ghostly presences are present
On the other side of the cabin, insubstantial ghostly forms materialise independently.

There's a sudden chill in the air as a shadow passes across the face of the full moon. Or maybe it is the unseen presence of the ghosts. 
"Did you hear that?" Velma whispers, to nobody in particular.
"You mean like that strange howling, that's been getting nearer over the last hour?" asks Shaggy.
"You mean that weird ghostly whistling in the wind, that sends shivers up your spine?" asks Fred.
"You mean that strange rustling coming from the undergrowth really close by?" asks Daphne.
"That was just me getting my poop bag ready," says Scrappy.
"No, not those," says Velma. "I mean that rasping scraping noise, like claws being sharpened on stone, coming from somewhere over there near the edge of the woods."
"Rrrraaaggggyyy!" says Scooby-Doo, who is suddely awake, and jumps onto Shaggy's lap, his teeth chattering loudly.

Fred smiles, ignited with purpose.
"I suggest we split up," Fred declares. "Velma and I will find the source of the rasping scraping sound while Shaggy and Scooby can investigate the howling and whistling noises. Daphne can deal with the strange rustling and take Scrappy for his evening walk. Let's go!"

Velma is quick to head in the direction of the rasping scraping sound. Almost as soon as she has left, something at the edge of the woods moves at the limit of Shaggy's field of vision.
"Gulp," says Shaggy, "Did you see what I just saw, Scoobs?"
"Yeyeyeye", mutters Scooby-Doo, still on his lap, shivering. Shaggy shrugs his shoulders.
"That’s what always happens," he sighs, setting Scooby down on the ground. "Come on, then, let's go investigate."

Inside the cabin, Grandma is laying out the law to the Culpepper boys.
"These here Mystery Inc folk are here to help us, boys," she explains. "So you give them all the help they need so we can see off these spirits once and for all." She counts on her fingers, slowly mouthing their names in turn.
"Where's Billy Bob?" she asks, finally.
"Oh Granma," drawls Cleetus, the oldest and most intelligent of the Culpepper boys, "Oh Granma he's done gone to his bay-ed, Granma, he has. He drunk too much moonshine with breakfast, Granma."
Grandma Culpepper squeezes her rolling pin. "You boys!" she yells, "You know that moonshine's special for Sunday dinner! Now get those shotguns loaded quick so we can help those Mystery folk do their stuff."

The Werewolves are finally assembled
At last, the werewolves have found each other in the darkness. The alpha werewolf growls a sigh, lamenting the quality of today's average werewolf. It's just not like it was in the good old nights.

Spectres on the move
Behind the log cabin, two other mysterious presences have appeared. A pair of spectres approach the side of the building intent on a cunning and devious surprise attack.

The ghosts advance on Fred and Daphne
Fred and Daphne linger at the camp a little longer than the others. Daphne is not at all happy about her assignment, and is making her views quite clear.

Their arguing is interrupted by the sudden ghostly presence of two ghostly presences.

"Woo, woo!" cries one of the ghosts, rather unconvincingly.
"Woo, woo!" cries the other one, even less convincingly, possibly because it is werewolf-shaped.
"Is that the best you can do?" asks Fred, who advances in response. 

The first ghost instantly vanishes, teleporting away. "Woof?" the other one tries, then turns and runs off into the darkness of the woods.

"There must be a clue somewhere around here, Scoobs."
"Hey Scooby," Shaggy asks, "Why is it like always a full moon when we do these things?"
"Rrridunno", Scooby responds.
But the moonlight proves useful. In the distance, Shaggy can see something reflecting back the light. It must be a clue, and they head towards it purposefully.

"Hey Scooby, it's a clue!" says Shaggy, rather unnecessarily, and picks up a small object.
"Wow, Scooby, it's like a badge, " he says, examining it closely. "No, it is a badge", he concludes. "A pin badge that reads 'Spencer's Mountain Summer Ball, 1938'. Like wow. I wonder what that can mean?"

Fred and Velma chase the ghostly werewolf-shaped creature, contrary to its expectations. Eventually it realises it has little option but to turn and fight, but before it gets the chance it finds itself a target. Velma, who has thoughtfully brought along a fie extinguisher with her, attacks, stunning the creature, and Fred, who has had the forethought to devise a cunning trap using two overhanging trees and a convenient hole in the ground, deals further damage. The stunned ghost, now vulnerable to fisticuffs, is duly dispatched.

There's something lying on the ground nearby, which Velma picks up. It's a folded newspaper, and is obviously a clue.
"Hmm," says Velma, reading the headlines. "The Blue Ridge Chronicle... Now why does that sound familiar?"

The ghost reappears
There's a bounce in Scrappy Doo's step as Daphne follows him back towards the camp. Behind, her alert eyes scan the darkness with care, but she can't see a suitable receptacle for the poop bag she's carrying at arm's length. What she does see, though, is the ghostly presence from before, which has teleported back to threaten her.

Scrappy is as annoying as ever. "Lemme at 'em" he says, in the voice that should not belong to a small dog, and charges the mysterious phantasm. Somehow he manages to wound the creature, though he injures himself in the process.
Daphne does what she's best at, and screams.

"Ha ha ha!" cries the ghost, in a ghostly female voice that might have a Virginia accent.

"I know I shouldn'a drunk that much..."
Billy Bob (the most intoxicated of the Culpepper brothers) shuts the door to the bunk room behind him. His head is reeling a little less now that he is out of earshot of Grandma's orders. He stumbles towards one of the bunks, but only at the last moment does he sense a presence, or two in the room with him. The spectres have walked through the walls, as spectres do.

Without a sound, one of the spectres taps on his shoulder.
"Yoo hoo, behind you," it whispers, as Billy Bob turns around, looks deep into its empty eye sockets, and falls unconscious to the ground.

Werewolves, advance!
The pack of werewolves steadily advances toward the cabin. But unfortunately for them, their path through the woods takes them dangerously close to where one of the set technicians has left a big box of pyrotechnic special effects. Which go off unexpectedly.

I love the smell of burning Werewolf in the evening
The alpha werewolf and four of his companions catch fire.

"Hey, Scoobs, do I smell home cooking?"
Shaggy and Scooby's attention is drawn to the smoke and flames coming from the woodland nearby.
"Like wow," says Shaggy. "Isn't it a bit late to have a barbecue?"
"Rraybe rrrireworks?" suggests Scooby.

No soon have the werewolves beaten out the flames then they find it's not only pyrotechnics that the technician stored here. The inevitable explosion occurs, and several charred werewolves duly detonate.

Showdown outside the cabin
All this noise has attracted the attention of the hillbillies who, shotguns loaded, have left the hut. But the evil spirits have one final trick to play.

One of the Culpepper brothers seems not his usual self
Grandma, Cleetus, Peetus, Wheatus and Litus form a line and aim their guns at the ghost. It is only at the last minute that they notice that Fetus (the smallest and sickliest of the Culpepper brothers) is changing form.
"Granma, Fetus look more like a dawg today than usual," says Peetus (the most observant of the Culpepper brothers).
"Granma, Fetus smell more like a dawg today than usual," says Wheatus (the smelliest of the Culpepper brothers).
"Granma, don't know as it makes much difference," says Litus (the wisest of the Culpepper brothers).
They all turn their weapons in the direction of the youngest brother and open fire.

"Woo, woo!" says the ghost, slightly more confidently than before, given that Daphne now seems to be its only serious opposition.
Daphne emits a small, pathetic scream. Instinctively her reflexes take over and she flings the bag in the ghost's direction.
"Ew, ew!" says the ghost and retreats again. But Velma and Fred are closing in on it from the other side.

"Behind you..."
Shaggy and Scooby have disguised themselves as well as they can with bits of charred werewolf that they have found scattered around and are sneaking up on the remaining, wounded alpha wolf and its diminished pack. Though unconvincing, in the darkness their disguise seems to work, as the alpha werewolf signals all of the pack, including them, to keep up and advance on the cabin for the final assault.

"It's time to find out who you really are..."
Meanwhile, the wounded ghost confronts Fred. Though weakened, Fred is able to set off another makeshift trap with a few convenient trees and various pieces of an old moonshine still he has found, and the spirit is captured. As Velma approaches he tears the rubber mask from the ghost's head.

Fred gasps in horror.
"Mary Ellen Walton?" he says.
"Of course," announces Velma. "You were the family that lives next door! You want to get rid of the Culpeppers so that you can buy their land at a bargain price and open the whole woodland up as a Walton's Mountain Theme Park."
"Yes," says Mary Ellen. "And we would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids."
And with that announcement, Ben, Erin, Jason and Jim-Bob Walton step out of their rubber werewolf costumes with their hands up.

The final scene
Shaggy and Scooby remain undetected as they follow the last two werewolves into the camp. Shaggy, who it seems has been carrying a rusty bear trap around with him all this time, now puts it to good use and catches one, while the alpha werewolf is taken out by Scooby, who somehow manages to swing a weighted mesh net over it. 

Rubber masks are removed.
"Oh no, not you too, Elizabeth?" says Shaggy. But John-Boy Walton just sits there in his smouldering alpha werewolf suit and scowls.


All game rules, templates and tokens from Crooked Dice Game Design Studio;
Mystery Inc models from Hasslefree Miniatures except Scrappy-Doo, who was scratch-built by the author;
Hillbillies from Blue Moon/Old Glory;
Werewolves, spectres and ghosts from Reaper Miniatures, Westwind Productions and CP Models.
Clear Bases from Sally 4th;
Gaming mat from Deep Cut Studios;
Log cabin and all terrain scratch-built by the author.


Later, after the police have gone, and Grandma Culpepper has cooked them all a slap up meal, Mystery, Inc. head to their beds.

"Good-night, Fred"
"Good-night, Daphne"
"Good-night, Velma"
"Good-night, Scrappy"
"Good-night, Scooby"
"Rrr-night, Shaggy"

Saga: Age of Magic - The Challenge (6)

Saga: Age of Magic - some figures finally get to the tabletop
6. End of Week 15

I can't believe it is already September, and how little progress I have made on this project since the last blog post on this theme. Travel for work, holidays and actually playing games and stuff like that have really got in the way.

So this post will summarise the very little that I have actually done and briefly report in very bad photographs the first Saga: Age of Magic battle played with these figures.

I've only worked on two of the factions during this time, and only the few figures I needed to be able to field both armies.

Great Kingdoms

Fireforge Pegasus Knight
The pegasus from Fireforge proved a delight to paint. I inserted a magnet into the underside of the mount so that it could be easily attached and removed from any suitable flight stand - the one I have used is actually designed for a Flames of War aircraft.

Sacred monument
Not a lot to do here. I just added flock and grass tufts to compete this model.

Sorcerer with 70s moustache in dramatic spellcasting pose
Nice to see this chap back on the gaming table; he has an uncanny resemblance to one of my old English teachers from school, and I have fond memories of using this figure for D&D years ago! No idea what the manufacturer is. He's benefited from a little touching up of paint damage and some highlights, and a couple of coats of matt varnish, as well as a nice new base.

There's lovely
Without doubt my favourite model for this army is this dragon which really did come up a treat when painted. It's a beautiful figure and works well with an extremely simple paint scheme mainly consisting of progressively lighter highlights of red. It's also going to work very nicely with a Saga Welsh army played using Age of Magic.

Lords of the Wild

The lizardmen are still waiting patiently in their box. For the time being, the main troops of this army will be my Skraelings, which actually suit it very nicely. I'll get round to the lizardmen eventually.

The T-Rex just needed his base finishing. This is a toy bought from Wilko for a couple of quid some months ago, and painted. About the right size for 28mm. Just a shame I didn't sort out that obvious joint line above his waist, but too late now.

This model also has enormous potential for use with 7TV2 at some point as well. Yes, I do have a plan.

Primitive totem
With the tree painted and highlighted the snake (which may or may not be an actual creature or just a carving - you decide) the primitive totem was finished off nicely.

It's green
A simple lizardy green paint scheme here. In the photo it looks even more green than in real life, probably not helped by the green background. Anyway, I think it works.

Rise of the Spirits
I'm particularly pleased with the terrain feature titan for use with the Rise of the Spirits ability. I think he looks surprisingly effective bursting out through the ground like this. And the cheapest figure of the lot as well.

To Battle!

And so with two armies ready (Great Kingdoms largely build from Russ Princes and Franks and Lords of the Wild from Skraelings) Pete was gently coerced into playing.  He took the Great Kingdom, and battle duly commenced. Here are some pictures (apologies for the quality - the room we played in was very poorly lit). Thanks Pete for taking some of these too!

The generals face each other across the table
Lords of the Wild: dinosaurs on the left flank
And on the right flank, more dinosaurs
The Spirits Rise and hold the enemy back on the right
The dragon advances

And on the right flank, attacks

A mighty battle ensues
Lizard on lizard action
Mounted hearthguard charge in on the far flank to support
It could go either way...
But the dragon is slain. The Pegasus flies to the rescue, but too late.
It was an excellent game and this supplement genuinely adds a new dimension to the Saga game. Our game also attracted quite a lot of attention by people who thought they were watching something historical until they spotted the dinosaurs!

Looking forward to more games in the future. Now, back to the painting table to sort out those other armies...

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Safety First!

This is a cautionary tale - children, do not try this at home...

In the quiet yet disconcertingly dangerous town of Pifflebury, various Items of interest, curiosity, sentimental and maybe even actual value have somehow been lost. It is up to the children of the town to put things right. So, under the guiding hand of the Green Cross Man, Tony, Charley the Cat and the sensible children of the Tufty Club have set out to recover these valuables and bring them home to their rightful owners. Others have heard of this too, though. The troublemakers who call themselves the Apaches, neglected by Joe and Petunia and urged on by Billy Blunders (who actually prefers to be called Noddy), are being influenced by the Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water to thwart the do-gooders, put the valuables to much better use, and show everyone just how dangerous 70s suburban Britain really is.

This is the narrative of an episode of 7TV2 played using the Scarred for Life Programme Guide. The episode played is a home-made one I have called Lost and Found, which incorporates a few minor rules changes and additions, as well as rules for hazardous terrain types, bespoke Objective cards and new Gadget cards, all included for fun and playability. If you're interested, you can download a copy of the episode guide here.


The opposing casts are both taken from the Scarred for Life Programme Guide.

The Tufty Club
The Tufty Club:
The Green Cross Man (Star, 10pts)
Tufty the Squirrel (Co-Star, 5pts)
Charley the Cat (Co-Star, 5pts)
Tony (Co-Star, 5pts)
Morph, Dougal, Roobarb, Paddington, Willy Weasel and The Pink Panther - 6 x sensible children (Extras, 2pts)

The Apaches
The Apaches:
The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water (Star, 10pts)
Joe (Co-Star, 4pts)
Petunia (Co-Star, 4pts)
Noddy - Billy Blunders (Co-Star, 5pts)
Mr Tickle, Horrid Henry, Barney, Pingu, Miffy and Peppa Pig - 6 x foolish children (Extras, 2pts)
Bonzo, a rabid dog (Extra, 2pts)


Though the town of Pifflebury may look quiet and safe, danger lurks around every corner.

As the Green Cross Man watches traffic on the busy road, the Tufty club assemble beside the shops while Charley and Tony enter the farmer's field, keeping an eye out for livestock.

The Apaches deploy as a gang in some rough ground, the Spirit of Lonely Water at their side. Joe and Petunia have seen something interesting in the construction site across the road and are keen to investigate. Between these groups, Bonzo the rabid dog is considering his options.

The opposing casts advance on central Pifflebury.

The Apaches take the initiative and move forward. The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water sensibly ignores the open refrigerator that has been fly-tipped in the rough ground near him and advances in the general direction of the Park. Bonzo follows.  Noddy splits the Apaches into two groups, leading Henry, Pingu and Miffy into a nearby Mini and starting the engine. Mr Tickle and Barney take a longer but safer route across the busy roads toward the park, but Peppa is confused by the traffic and ends up stuck in the middle of the road.

Petunia leads the way across a road into the construction site, leaving Joe, who has temporarily forgotten his highway code, stuck crossing the road.

As the Tufty Club advance towards the park entrance near the zebra crossing, the Green Cross Man reaches the sweet shop quickly and recovers the first of the missing items - a Set of Car Keys. He immediately takes the controls of the red Morris Traveller parked by the shops. In the farmer's field Tony recovers a second item. This is the Box of Fireworks that everyone has been talking about. Tony likes fireworks, and is very excited, but watching from behind, Charley is meowing that he is a lot less comfortable with the situation.

The Spirit reaches the Lake and seeing something glinting back the light, leans in and recovers... a lost half crown. With a sigh of disappointment he pockets the coin in the depths of his black robe. Behind him, Bonzo is slow to keep up, hesitating dangerously while crossing the busy road.

Petunia has more luck in the Construction Site, where she finds a wallet containing a few notes, which she puts into her handbag with a smile. Just about enough for a nice new hat, she thinks.

Noddy swerves the car suddenly away from the kerb. Out of control, he speeds off down the road, just missing Joe who is forced back to the safety of the kerb he started from.

Tony is flattened by a rampaging herd of cattle
Unfortunately someone must have left a gate open, because as soon as he looks up from the colourful label on the box of fireworks Tony is unexpectedly trampled by a stampeding herd of cows. Charley meows in shock.

It's time to get out of the field. Charley leads Tony over the fence and safely across a pedestrian crossing as the Green Cross Man, at the wheel of the stationary Morris, waves them past. Willy Weasel heads off to the park on his own and Dougal towards the rubbish dump, where he has seen one of the other lost items. The rest of the Tufty Club, aware that their opponents are closing in on the last few uncontended objectives, head as quickly as they can in the direction of the railway line.

Now, it's a race against time to get to the items on the far side of the town, and for a change Noddy takes control of his vehicle properly, He drops everyone off near the electricity substation, leaving the objective on the railway line to Petunia. Unfortunately, Petunia turns out to have very little rail safety and gets much too close to a passing train. Oh dear! What a lot of blood!

Meanwhile, the Spirit decides to take direct action to delay the Tufty Club, closing in on them on an isolated section of pavement beside a zebra crossing. Behind, Mr Tickle jumps aboard a rubbish lorry carrying one of the missing items, leaving Barney, Bonzo and Peppa failing to cross busy roads in the distance.

Dougal enters the rubbish dump and recovers another missing item. Unfortunately, in doing so he attracts the unwanted attention of a wild rabid dog that starts to chase him. He beats a hasty retreat, scoffing all his jelly babies to give him a much needed energy boost and a bit more distance.

As Charley and Tony rush to his aid, Willy Weasel leaps onto the rubbish lorry and attacks Mr Tickle to take control of the item there. Below, the Tufty Club unwisely decide to gang up against the Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water. Two rather pathetic fights ensue.

Barney, flapping his tiny arms around and singing inanely to himself instead of concentrating on how to cross roads safely, is run over by a Mk2 Jaguar and has to take a trip to the hospital.

Meanwhile, outside the park, in the middle of the fight the Spirit spots a small and interesting bottle on the ground, and unwisely drinks its alcoholic contents. He falls over, weakened. Standing up immediately, he ignores the opportunistic attacks of his opponents, and focuses his attack on Tufty, who cannot escape his watery clutches. With the added boost of Lucozade (known to be an effective hangover cure), he smacks the squirrel hard and down he goes like roadkill.

Horrid Henry leaps over the fence into the electricity substation where he finds an abandoned catapult, while Noddy leads Miffy and Pingu up the railway embankment.

Just for a moment, things are looking marginally better for the Tufty Club, as the Spirit falls into a deep pool of water that somehow nobody noticed before, and is wounded and knocked down. But without Tufty, their morale is low and their attacks are too weak to keep up any momentum. 

But somehow things seemed bound to take a turn for the worse. Abruptly, Tony trips on the kerb edge and the box of fireworks he is holding explodes. Tony's hands and face are badly burned - but all that is left of poor Charley is the tip of his tail and a small cloud of slightly fishy-smelling smoke.

It's slippery on top of this rubbish lorry, thinks Willy Weasel, who suddenly falls over. The Spirit stands, attacking to no effect, and then Mr Tickle (who has got his timing completely wrong and should have acted first) uses his box of matches to set Willy Weasel on fire and then scatters marbles all over the place so that everyone in front of him falls over. Including the Spirit, who is starting to get fed up with all of this. Mr Tiocle completely fails to capitalise on this when attacking his prone, burning weasel opponent, but does at least take the opportunity to grab the item on the lorry, which (after all that effort) turns out to be nothing of any particular significance at all.

Noddy orders Miffy to get the item from the railway line, and she reluctantly obeys. She finds (and safely negotiates) a collection of old used needles, and then as the Apaches steal the scene, retires to safety along with Henry, Noddy and Pingu into a nearby commandeered rubbish lorry.

Too late, the Green Cross Man rushes to the aid of his pals, but despite their invulnerability the Spirit sees off the Pink Panther and Roobarb with little difficulty. Bonzo races to the aid of Mr Tickle, and Willy Weasel, who did at least manage to get the burning under control, is duly dispatched in turn. And to make matters even worse for the Tufty Club, Dougal (who completely forgot that he can automatically pass his first Mind test of the turn) is unexpectedly crushed to death beneath a tonne of falling bricks. As a token gesture, the Green Cross Man deals the final blow to the Spirit, who vanishes into oblivion.

Peppa Pig, who has failed to cross another road safely, is flattened under a rubbish lorry. But it is all too late, and The Tufty Club cast is axed.

In the last turn of the Apaches, Pingu is found to be carrying Foot and Mouth disease, and is taken away to be destroyed. In revenge, and as a final attempt to finish the do-gooders off, Noddy, Horrid Henry and Miffy gang up on the hapless Tony, as Mr Tickle sacrifices himself in the lake and the Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water rises from the water again.

The last dice roll of the game says it all, really...
Using all their remaining plot points, the Tufty Club attempt to resist the effects of the casting axe. But it seems that luck has abandoned them, and it is all too late anyway as the episode draws to a close to make way for the evening news. The forces of ill health and unsafety have demonstrated their case - 70s suburban Britain is a dangerous place indeed.

Be careful out there, children.