Friday, 19 May 2017

Star Wars Day 2017

Da da da da-dee-da da-de-daaa..
Many Bothans died to get you this information... 

(I love the way the computer insists on changing Bothans to Bothams, giving me visions of rebellious cricket players fighting stormtroopers, and the urge to try that out on the tabletop using 7TV2 rules).

Actually, they didn't, but anyway, not so long ago in a galaxy very​ close by...

Given that 4th May was a club night, it would have been churlish not to have played something Star Wars related. So it was an excuse to get some old toys out and play a few games of X-Wing. I'm not going to write any detailed battle reports, suffice to say a good time was had by all. Here's a few pictures of the action on the day.

May the fourth be with you.

Tie fighters try to hie behind flat asteroids
But it's a trap!
Meanwhile, in a part of the galaxy with real asteroids...
The Wedge of cheese strikes back